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For Laura Stuart, a mixed media artist from Pittsburgh, PA, art isn't just about creating; it's about fostering an environment where everyone can find their place in the world of creativity. Her journey embodies a profound belief that art belongs to all and should be approached with inclusivity at its core.

Laura's educational journey through Visual Communications at both The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Westminster College, culminating in a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts Communications, reflects her commitment to making art accessible to all.


Furthering her studies at Carlow University, where she earned an Art Education degree/certification, Laura's passion for art education was ignited, driving her to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to explore their creative potential.

Throughout her professional career, Laura has remained dedicated to inclusivity. Serving as a Team Leader in a creative day program for six years, she nurtured the artistic talents of people with intellectual disabilities, recognizing the transformative power of art for all individuals.


After that experience, Laura went on to co-conceptualize Studio Forget-Me-Not for the past six years, Laura currently serves as director and has created a space in Carnegie, PA, where creativity and community thrive, welcoming individuals from all walks of life.


In addition to her advocacy for inclusive artistry, Laura has pursued her own artistic endeavors with determination. Venturing into selling, branding, and merchandising her work, she gained insights into the business side of art while staying true to her belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to explore and express their creativity.

Laura's artistic journey, influenced by her familial upbringing and cultural heritage, is rooted in a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and a sense of curiosity instilled by her mother and grandmothers. She sees art as a journey of discovery and connection, akin to designing textiles where every color, pattern, and texture come together to create something beautiful and meaningful. Laura is deeply grateful for the opportunity to share her journey and her art with the world, believing that creativity knows no bounds and belongs to everyone.

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Laura Stuart

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